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Frequently asked questions

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We have developed our own cookieless tracking system.

To match a returning user to the same customer journey our matching algorithms use device and browser information as well as website engagement patterns.

By combining this set of different data points we generate a profile that is unique to each user. 

There are many different matching algorithms in place that are run on the principle of the highest matching confidence. An exact match is given preference over probability based matching.

Kickbite is 100% GDPR compliant. Our infrastructure runs on servers in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

By the way, there is stricter data privacy legislation on national level. For example the German Telecommunications and Telemedia Law (TTDSG). Kickbite is also 100% TTDSG compliant.

To provide more information on how we work with your data:

Kickbite operates as a data processing partner on your behalf. This means you own the data. We collect and process your customer data for you. We do not use or provide your private user information for remarketing or other purposes to 3rd parties. 

For the purpose of analysis, not all events from your website need to be tracked. You can provide a list of events which we can exclude from our tracking scripts. We ensure that at all times only hashed data is pushed data from our tracking code into our data warehouse.

Customers behave individually throughout their journey to conversion. Each customer clicks and views Ads based on their own behavior no matter paid or non paid.  

Kickbite’s User Behavior Attribution takes into account all clicks and views a single customer makes on their journey to conversion and combines these with the events and interaction on your website.

Based on the quality of engagement, time in between and number of touchpoints our AI model evaluates the value added by every single ad click and view. 

This leads to an accurate understanding of the impact of each marketing euro spent to optimize performance of marketing channels, campaigns and single Ads

We track every online marketing channel that you will use. Now and in the future. Paid or non paid.

From your side the onboarding can be done with a 1h kickoff meeting.

The kickoff meeting is split into 2 parts for Tech and Marketing. 


  1. Access to GTM or other tag manager you use
  2. Access to Shopsystem via API Token.
  3. Implementation of 5-line tracking code on order confirmation page (in source code)


  1. Definition of your channel mix. If you don’t have that clear we give recommendations on channel names
  2. Implementation URL tracking parameters. You do not need to change your UTM structure, we align our system on your current UTM parameter structure.

A senior customer success manager will guide you through the process of implementation at every step.

We also connect with customized shopsystems. For further information please contact us.

There is no set up fee if you are running on shop systems that provide an API endpoint (e.g. Shopify, Shopware, Magento, Salesforce, WooCommerce, Commercetools). If you run on a customized shopsystem we might charge a set up fee depending on the complexity. For further information please contact us.

The monthly subscription fee is calculated each month individually, depending on the amount of website user sessions we track and process for you. If in the down season you spend less and generate less sessions, you pay less. For detailed information check out our Pricing Page.

The first 3 months are fixed, after that you can cancel the contract on a monthly basis anytime.

If you are an agency and want to use Kickbite for your clients please contact us to get more information.